Innovation, Chemistry, and Jobs

Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow

A Report of the ACS Presidential Task Force on Innovation
in the Chemical Enterprise

Appendix I – Chemistry’s Contributions to the U.S. Industrial Base

  • Figure I-1. Employment of U.S. Chemists, 1989-2009
  • Table I-1. Overall U.S. Employment in Chemistry
  • Figure I-2. Relative GERD in PPP (constant 2000) Dollars
  • Figure I-3. GERD as a Percentage of GDP
  • Table I-2. Chemistry’s Contribution to the U.S. GDP
  • Figure I-4. U.S. Trade Balance, 1979-2009
  • Figure I-5. U.S. Chemical Trade Balance (for Chemicals NAICS 325), 1989-2009
  • Figure I-6. Comparative Numbers of US Patents for Selected Countries, 2005-2009
  • Table I-3. ACS Publications: Accepted Manuscripts by Country of Origin
  • Figure I-7. Comparative Global Chemical Sales Figures, 1989 – 2009, by Country
  • Figure I-8. Comparative Global Chemical Export Figures, 1989 – 2009, by Country

Appendix II – A Brief History of U.S. Innovation in Chemistry

Appendix III – Examples of Corporate & Academic Venture Funds

Appendix IV – Samples Start-Up Companies in the Chemical (and Allied) Industries

Appendix V – Examples of University-Based Programs Focused on Entrepreneurship

Appendix VI – Sample Master Agreements

Appendix VII – Background on Carried Interest Provision

Appendix VIII – Charge to Task Force

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