ACS Presidential Roundtable on Sustainable Manufacturing

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The ACS Sustainable Manufacturing Roundtable (SMRT) is a technology-based partnership that provides information about sustainable manufacturing R&D in the chemical and allied industries. Successful R&D in this field will protect and create jobs in the United States. The SMRT will provide guidance regarding how the government, industry, national labs and academia can partner to advance the public interest by leveraging resources to accelerate innovation and technology development. The initial focus will enable the following areas to be competitive and meet societal needs: Alternative Feedstocks, Energy Efficiency, Materials for Sustainable Manufacturing, Next Generation Chemical Manufacturing, Waste Reduction and Recovery, and Water Conservation. The partnership seeks to be recognized as an objective and accurate source for information about the strategic needs for chemistry-related R&D among Federal agencies. It will truly support a competitive chemical and allied industry enterprise while reducing the industry‚Äôs energy footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.


To further enable innovation and foster the integration of sustainability into the chemical and allied products industries.