Chemistry Champions Contest


Our four Finalists Dave, Erica, Hadi, and Tierra will compete for the ChemChamps crown in Boston this August. At each of the below events, you can vote via SMS text or via the web - but only if you attend in person Aug 15-17 or tune into the livestream on Aug 17!

Get free tickets to the final Finals on August 17, 7pm, in Boston, MA.


Saturday, August 15, 12:30pm at the Boston Museum of Science

The Chemistry Champion Finalists will each present a 3 minute talk on stage at the Boston Museum of Science! If you're still hungry for more chemistry on stage, stay for the Amazing Nano Brothers at 1pm or 3pm!

(attendees are responsible for gaining their own admission to the Museum)

Sunday, August 16, 8:00pm at the 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

The Chemistry Champions Finalists will each present a 3 min talk in the ACS Theatre on the Expo floor. After the presentations, the first 50 attendees will receive a small gift card. (Register for the ACS National Meeting)

From now until 7pm EDT, August 17:

The most viewed YouTube video wins the first installment. Watch

Dave: Will Synthetic Vitmanins Make Me Explode?

Erica: How Cyanine Dyes Glow in the Dark

Hadi: Why are polyelectrolytes so important?

Tierra: Solar Energy: Bon Appetit!

AAAND FINALLY: Monday, August 17, 7:00pm at District Hall (doors 6:30pm) and via livestream

The ChemChamps final live performance of a 3 minute talk will start at 7pm. Vote for the winner live in person or watch the livestream. Adding into the votes will be 3 professional science communicators, who will provide live commentary after each talk. Watch this space in August to find out the identities of our judges!

The overall winner will be announced by the program end (expected by 8pm EDT).

*Follow #chemchamps on Twitter.


Watch the August 17 livestream Finals, starting 7pm EDT!

Youtube ID: wNGhrDOv6Cw



  • Guarantee of up to $1000 USD for roundtrip transportation to Washington, DC
  • June 21-23 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) night hotel accommodation


  • Guarantee of up to $1000 USD for roundtrip transportation to Boston, MA
  • August 14-17 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) night hotel accommodation


  • host an ACS Webinar

Grand Prize Winner!

  • trip to Washington, DC to network with professional science communications staff at ACS and possibly attend a briefing on Capitol Hill
  • host an ACS Reactions video
  • join the National Academy of Sciences' Science & Entertainment Exchange
  • the 3D-printed Chemistry Champions trophy


  • Entry is open to all ACS Members who are also Younger Chemists on any calendar day in 2015
    • birthdate on or after January 2, 1979
  • All Semifinalists must be ACS members with a membership expiration after September 1, 2015.
  • Entrants must complete, sign, and submit a Contest Release Form

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