Committee on Analytical Reagents

Setting the standard for chemical integrity, quality and purity worldwide

The ACS Committee on Analytical Reagents is the only committee in the world dedicated to establishing specifications and developing validated test methods for determining the purity of analytical reagents.

From the printing of the 1st edition of Reagent Chemicals in 1950 to today’s dynamic online edition, the principal goal of the ACS Committee on Analytical Reagents is to establish specifications and test methods for analytical reagents that allow the scientific community to produce reliable and accurate analytical results.

The Committee is also dedicated to the utilization of new techniques and technologies to improve the sensitivity, precision, and accuracy of analytical methodologies. The Committee strives to utilize available resources to remove and replace chemicals in current test methodologies that either pose significant health risks to analysts or are deemed harmful to the environment, whenever possible.

Who We Are

The Committee is made up of 28 chemists who meet twice a year for two days in Washington, DC, in the spring and fall, to discuss and resolve matters pertaining to ACS Reagent Chemicals. As well, committee members communicate throughout the year as specific issues arise.

Timeline of the progression and evolution of ACS Reagent Chemicals:

Timeline of the evolution of ACS Reagent Chemicals
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Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about the committee, subscribing to ACS Reagent Chemicals, or becoming a committee member, please email the chair.

Tom Tyner
Chair, Committee on Analytical Reagents
Spectrum Laboratory Products, Inc.

Sara Tenney
ACS Staff Liaison, Committee on Analytical Reagents
Publisher, ACS Publications