Fall 2021: Resilience of Chemistry

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Get Involved with Fall 2021 Thematic Planning

Welcome to the planning and information page for thematic programming at ACS Fall 2021. The tabs of this page will provide you with information regarding the theme and planned events, opportunities to apply for funding and contact information for the organizing team.

We need your help to be successful. We ask you to consider developing symposia and presentations aligned with the meeting theme, Resilience of Chemistry. If you have ideas or would like to help but don’t know where to start- contact us!

If you are organizing or know of other events at this meeting that are aligned with the meeting theme, please tells us so that they can be advertised here!

About the Theme

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

The theme for ACS Fall 2021 is Resilience of Chemistry.  The topic is designed to be inclusive for all units and demographics within the society and is broken down into the following sub-themes:

  • Chemical resilience (The Science) Resilience in/of Chemical Systems
  • Resilience of Chemists (The People) Resilience of Chemists and stakeholders in the face of challenges
  • Resilience of the Chemical Enterprise (The Enterprise) Resilience of industry and society to changes and challenges


Symposia cosponsored by the Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group (MPPG) will be listed below for you to consider for your abstract submission. Want to get involved with a symposium underway? Please contact the person(s) under contacts for that Symposium. We look forward to hearing from you!

Symposium Lead

Cooperative Cosponsor(s)










1 day Chemistry Resilience: Advanced materials and their diversified applications - CACS 40th Anniversary SymposiumBoth Oral & Poster

Marinda Li Wu     

Lei Li             

Yingchun Lu               

Jingbo Louise Liu

ENFLCATLMultiday Improving energy resilience through lower carbon transportation fuelsBoth Oral & Poster

Gina M. Fioroni

Vanessa Dagle

John T. (Tim) Bays

Josh A. Pihl





Multiday Resilience in Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage: Materials and Devices Durability, Stability, Reliability, and SafetyBoth Oral & Poster

Xia Cao

Lei Du

Frederic Jaouen   

Corsin Battaglia

Shenlong Zhao

ENFL   Women in Energy Science and TechnologyBoth Oral & Poster

Anne Gaffney

Greeshma Gadikota

Ah-Hyung Alissa Park



½ day


Resilience of Chemistry Opening Session


MPPG ½ day The Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecture


MPPG ½ day The Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry LectureOral 
CHASTBD½ day When things go wrongOral 

Theme Related Events

Events associated with the Fall 2021 theme will be listed here. Please contact the Organizers to have an event listed.

Event (lead)PartnersTopicTitle, Timing, & Location
Opening Session and Theme Kickoff Event (MPPG)


Plenary talks focused on the meeting theme of the Resilience of Chemistry


The Resilience of Chemistry

Submit Symposia and Apply for Funding

Technical divisions and programming committees are encouraged to apply for the MPPG cosponsorship of symposia to support collaborative programming at the national meetings. The symposia must be aligned with the national meeting theme and have at least one cooperative cosponsor. ACS is also pleased to offer funds based on the size and duration of each theme-related, cooperatively cosponsored symposium. Details of timing for applications are on the symposium submission application:

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