Committee on Professional Training

What We Do

Mission & Vision

The Committee on Professional Training (CPT) empowers inclusive excellence while advancing and supporting innovation and continuous improvement in education and training.


  • Promote effective practices and innovations in chemistry education
  • Promote and ensure equitable program assessment with feedback
  • Encourage broad participation in chemistry to enrich the profession with the talents of a diverse group of individuals
  • Promote and assess skills and competencies needed in training students for successful careers in chemistry and related fields
  • Identify, evaluate, and refine criteria used in the ACS-approval process so that these respond to the emerging trends in chemical education
  • Reaffirm the value of the approval program and undergraduate certified degrees among academic communities and potential employers

Who We Are

CPT members are selected to maintain a balanced representation of:

  • The sub-disciplines of chemistry
  • The range of institutions served by the approval program
  • Industry professionals
  • Geographical locations
  • Gender, race, ethnicity

If you are interested in joining CPT, please contact Dr. Michelle Brooks, Assistant Director of the Office of Higher Education and Staff Liaison to CPT.

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  • Announcing the Chemistry Program Approval & Review System (CPARS) - Visit the CPARS Training page to learn how to access and use CPARS to complete reports used in the ACS Approval process.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect (DEIR) - ACS recognizes the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect as an integral part of undergraduate education. To address this, we have prepared a new section of the ACS Guidelines that addresses this current shortcoming. 

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