2015 ACS National Election and Candidate Information

President-Elect 2016 Total Votes
G. Bryan Balazs 8,483
*Allison A. Campbell   9,776
Director-at-Large, 2016-2018 Total Votes
*Lee Latimer 223
Willem R., Leenstra 123
*Ingrid Montes 234
Mary Jo Ondrechen 85
Thomas W. Smith 64
Director, District I, 2016-2018 Total Votes  
Thomas R. Gilbert 1,141
*Laura E. Pence
Director, District V, 2016-2018 Total Votes
*John E. Adams 1,584
Kenneth P. Fivizzani 1,121
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General Information  

President-Elect, 2016 - Candidates

Directors-at-Large, 2016-2019 - Candidates

Director, District I, 2016-2018 - Candidates


Director, District V, 2016-2018 - Candidates

John E. Adams
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
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Kenneth P. Fivizzani
Retired, Nalco Company, Naperville, IL
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More information about ACS policies for elections and campaigning can be found in Bulletin 5, Bylaw V and in Guidelines on Campaigning and Communication.