2010 Elections, Nominee for Director District II, 2011-2013

Mr. V. Michael Mautino, Senior Marketing Representative, Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Pittsburgh, PA

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Nominee Information:

MAUTINO, V. MICHAEL Pittsburgh Section. Bayer MaterialScience, LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Academic Record: University of Phoenix, B.S., 2005.

Honors: Salutes to Excellence Award, Committee on Community Activities, 2004, 2007, ACS Division of Chemical Technicians, 2009; Special Recognition Award, ACS Division of Chemical Technicians, 2005; Technician of the Year, Western Pennsylvania Technician Affiliate Group, 1999; Special Recognition Award, Western Pennsylvania Technician Affiliate Group, 1999.

Professional Positions (for past ten years): Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Marketing Representative, 2006 to date; Senior Research and Development Specialist, 2004-05; Research and Development Specialist, 2001-03; Technician Specialist, 1996-2000.

Service in ACS National Offices: Committee on Technician Affairs, 2003-09, Chair, 2007-09, Committee Associate, 2000-02; Membership Affairs Committee, Committee Associate, 2008-09; Innovation Task Force, Chair, 2009; Committee on Community Activities, 2004-06, Chair, 2004-06; Program Review Advisory Group, 2006; Editorial Board, JobSpectrum.com, 2002; National Chemistry Week Task Force, 2001-03.

Service in ACS Offices: Member ACS since 1996. Pittsburgh Section: Councilor, 2003-11; Alternate Councilor, 2001-02; National Chemistry Week Coordinator, 1999 to date; Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Coordinator, 2003 to date; Central Regional Meeting Planning Committee, 2002-03; Nominations and Elections Committee, 1999; Technician Affiliate Group, 1996 to date, Chair, 2007-09, 1997-98; Technician Affiliate Group Recognition Committee, Chair, 1996, 2004. Division of Chemical Technicians: Chair, 2002; Chair-Elect, 2001; Membership Committee, Chair, 2007-09; Nominations and Elections Committee, Chair, 2001; Strategic Planning Committee, Chair, 2001.

Member: ACS Technician Affiliate Groups: Western Pennsylvania TAG, 1996 to date, Mid-Michigan Technician Affiliate Group, 2002 to date. ACS Divisions: Chemical Technicians, Business Development & Management.

Related Activities: Advisory Board, Governor’s Institute of Physical Science Education, 2002; Bayer Association for Science in Communities, 1996 to date; holds one patent in polyurethane chemistry.


V. Michael Mautino

We have all been impacted in different degrees by the recent global economic conditions and the many changes it has brought to our professional and personal lives. As scientists, it is our nature to want to do what we can to improve upon the conditions before us, to take on challenges that stretch our skills and experiences, and to advance the chemical enterprise to the benefit of all. These issues that confront the ACS are complex and varied and I would be honored to take part in guiding and leading the Society through these challenges by serving as the District II Director on the ACS Board of Directors. In just the past eight years I have had the distinguished pleasure and fortune to lead two national committees and a Technical Division, guiding each group in their successful efforts and contributions to the core values of the ACS’s Strategic Plan of focusing on diversity and inclusion, members and volunteer contributions, and developing solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

National and global issues continue to influence our decisions and actions as leaders within the ACS, and economic conditions dictate that we remain ever vigilant and fiscally responsible so that we maintain a financially stable organization that serves members and the chemical enterprise, now, and in the future. However, none of this will build a sustainable future for the ACS if we are not reaching out to inspire and educate the present and future generations of diverse, innovative, and creative chemical professionals. Now is the time to go beyond the every day challenges of managing and operating the Society. Now is the time to lead change in the institutional culture within the ACS and the chemical enterprise and achieve full participation and expression of the intellectual and creative capacity of all underrepresented minorities. Now is the time to advance diversity and inclusion in the chemical sciences by raising awareness among ACS members, students and relevant stakeholders. To solve the issues that face the Society today, and in the future, there is a compelling need for an integrated network, or diversity alliance, that leverages our individual interests around a mutual agenda, such as globalization, growing STEM pipeline, education reform, and workplace policy. As a member of the Board, it will be my top priority to promote inclusion and equity to all, ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, and to champion the new concepts, ideas, and solutions that only a diverse community of professionals can bring.

Through its member and volunteer contributions, the ACS must continue to strengthen the public’s image of chemistry. To achieve this, the ACS needs active and engaged volunteers, volunteers who are “ambassadors” for chemistry, through outreach and advocacy. Outreach comes in many forms, from supporting Project SEED so that anyone who seeks the opportunities to experience the challenges and rewards of chemically related sciences can do so, to participating in outreach events such as National Chemistry Week and inspiring K-12 students to seek careers in chemistry. With so much “misinformation” about chemistry in the public domain, it is through advocacy and working with the ACS’s Legislative Action Network (LAN) that will ensure that legislators understand the impact science and chemistry have on our daily lives. During my term on the Board you will see an engaged leader who continues to guarantee that ACS support these areas.

Of course this statement can not begin to cover the complex and varied issues that face the ACS, nevertheless, I stand ready to work together with you to help guide the Society on its path forward. “To accomplish great things, we must not only dream, but also act; not only plan, but also believe.” My vision for the ACS is to be able to reach out and inspire the next generation of scientists, build diversity into every aspect of the Society, and effect change that ensures the ACS remains the preeminent home for all chemical professionals. My service to the Society has always been about action and believing the ACS can achieve its vision and mission when we work together. I would be honored to receive your support in this election to become a candidate for District II Director, so that together we can build an ACS that truly serves us all.