The ACS Campaign for a Sustainable Future Strategic Initiative

Summary Overview:

This strategic initiative will position ACS as a leader in advancing chemistry innovations to address the challenges articulated in the U.N. 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This multifaceted initiative will have lasting impact on how we conduct research, how we teach chemistry and how we collaborate globally.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Increase the amount and pace of chemistry-related sustainability innovation research
  • Transform this research rapidly into readily adaptable industrial approaches for more sustainably manufacturing and managing chemicals
  • Create a future chemistry enterprise workforce trained in sustainability concepts to revolutionize the discipline


  • ACS will convene experts from different backgrounds to identify technical chemistry challenges and solutions to sustainable development. Workshops, symposia, webinars, and other mechanisms will also help develop collaborations and alliances, as well as information resources that can be widely disseminated.
  • ACS will continue to advocate for funding a coordinated R&D portfolio of research programs in sustainability to increase innovation, generate partnerships, lead to new R&D initiatives, and enhance efforts with industry.
  • ACS will work with educators, students, researchers and industry to modernize the chemistry curriculum (two- and four-year colleges) to include sustainable development, circularity, green chemistry, and life cycle thinking.
  • ACS will foster global collaborations through implementation of an international collaboration research prize focused on sustainable chemistry and solutions. Outcomes will be widely disseminated to foster adoption globally.

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