ACS Program in a Box: On Demand

Don’t miss out. Select the topic from the list below and then contact us to receive planning and activity guides, promotional flyers, and supporting handouts – the tools you can use to make your event interactive, fun, and rewarding.  Make your request one month before the scheduled event and receive a raffle item.  “How to Host” can help get you started.

The Evolving Periodic Table and it's Incredible Elements!

One-hundred and fifty years ago, Dmitri Mendeleev first presented his periodic system to the Russian Chemical Society, forever shaping the way we look at the elements. His system, which organized the elements based on atomic weight, valence, and measurable properties, laid the foundation for today’s Periodic Table. xplore the early efforts of scientists to organize the elements, meet a chemist who is expanding the table by discovering new superheavy elements, and answer  elemental “Table Trivia.” 

Voyage to Mars: Red Planet Chemistry

Gather a group for a mission to explore the chemistry of Mars! Join us live as our panel of experts shares what we know about the planet and the steps that need to be taken to safely send men and women to walk on its surface. Discover the challenges of long-term space travel and the materials, biochemistry, and astrochemistry that will help make this mission possible.

Opioids: Fighting Addiction with Chemistry

Learn what makes these compounds so addictive, the treatments and medications that are being used to help those who suffer, and profile the work that chemists are doing to make prescription pain killers safer and harder to abuse. Gather a group and interact with our expert panel of medical experts, and chemists to discover why this problem has become so widespread and how the power of chemistry can be used to fight the rising tide of addiction.

Chemistry Rocks! Exploring the Chemistry of Rocks and Minerals

We are surrounded by rocks and minerals everywhere... in the ground we walk on, the places we work and live, and even in the food we eat.  How are chemists experimenting with these fundamental materials to help the world and make our lives better?

Chemistry of Sports: Smarter, Safer, Faster

Discover the materials that chemists are creating to enable athletes to perform better and stay safer, as well as how analytical chemistry is advancing to detect performance enhancing substances in order to keep the playing field level for everyone.

The Chemists' Code for Success: 3 Essential Skill Sets for Your Career

Your career as a chemist depends on more than just your abilities in the lab. Join our panel of experts to learn how time management, handling failure and professional etiquette will shape your career.  Gather a group and tune in to learn the strategies and skills that will help you get started and keep you moving forward. 

The Role of Chemistry in Global Security
Journey through the history of chemical and biological warfare and get a peek behind-the-scenes at how today’s biochemists and government agents are working together to counter chemical-based threats.

Tales of Lab Safety: How to Avoid Rookie Accidents
There is a learning curve with everything, but mistakes made in the lab can ruin your research and cause dangerous accidents. Learn the common factors that cause these incidents and how to avoid them.

Chemistry on the Silver Screen
Learn how Hollywood is working to incorporate science and meet the people that are making it happen. 

Speaking Simply: Communicating Your Science
Learn how to share your science in a simple, easy to understand manner. 

Chemistry of Scent and Fragrance
Explore the art of chemistry through the production of perfumes used in household products.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Managing Your Paper and Online Resumes
Learn how to write a better resume to help snag that interview. 

A Date with Science: Dinner & Dessert Chemistry
Explore the chemical reactions that create the robust flavors in our favorite foods.

Secrets from the Other Side: What Recruiters Know that You Don’t
Learn some tips to help you master your next interview.

How to Create a Safety Culture While Growing Your Business
Learn practical tips on creating a safe place to work, how to avoid incidents, and protect/grow your bottom line. 

Establishing and Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Discover how to properly protect your IP in the early stages of developing your company as well as how to take full advantage of current laws