Voyage to Mars: Red Planet Chemistry

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Humankind has always strived to unlock the celestial secrets of our closest planetary neighbor. We have come a long way since early astronomers gazed through simple telescopes and theorized about massive canals on the Red Planet. Orbital satellites have begun to map its surface in detail and nuclear-powered rovers are working to unlock the chemical and geologic secrets.

Celebrate National Chemistry Week on Tuesday, October 23 at 7pm ET by gathering a group for a mission to explore the chemistry of Mars! Join us live as our panel of experts shares what we know about the planet and the steps that need to be taken to safely send men and women to walk on its surface. Discover the challenges of long-term space travel and the materials, biochemistry, and astrochemistry that will help make this mission possible.

What Your Group Will Learn

  • How the Curiosity Rover has revealed the geologic history of Mars, and how this knowledge can help inform us about the environments that existed on the surface of Earth and Mars during the time when life evolved
  • The unique challenges of long term space travel and a profile of the current work to ensure that humans can survive the voyage
  • What is the current state of recycle waste research that will be able to sustain valuable material using biopharmaceutical production

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Kirsten Siebach
Assistant Professor
Rice University Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences

Mark Blenner
McQueen-Quattlebaum Associate Professor
Clemson University

Mary Ann Meador
Senior Research Scientist
NASA Glenn Research Center

Michael Meador
Program Element Manager for Lightweight Materials and Manufacturing NASA’s Game Changing Technologies Program 

Brett A. McGuire
Hubble Fellow 
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Susanna Widicus Weaver
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Chemistry, Emory University


Sam Lemonick
Assistant Editor
Chemical & Engineering News

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