Everything You Need to Host Marvelous Metals!

Flyers & Banners

Spread the word about your event online, and on campus using these flyers and graphics! 


Helpful information for hosts on how to run a successful event and useful handouts for attendees on career advice and ACS resources.  

Expansion Pack: Bonus Activities and Experiments 

Take your PIB event further with these optional ice breakers, activities, and discussion questions from ACS.  Add to the Expansion Pack - share the inventive ways your group makes ACS Program-in-a-Box special on Twitter or Instagram with #ACSPIB for everyone to see!

  • Expansion Pack activities are meant to add-on to your event, so we recommend budgeting additional time before or after the video stream (consult the Event Timeline for more details)
  • Expansion Pack activities may require additional preparation and purchase of materials prior to the event, so please plan accordingly. The ACS Program-in-a-Box team cannot currently reimburse groups for materials purchased to carry out Expansion Pack activities.

ChemCatcher – A blast from the past from National Chemistry Week. Print and fold to break the ice with metals trivia. (10-15 minutes, ice breaker, paper)


Make a Battery - Assemble and test a rechargeable 3 V lithium-ion battery on a benchtop in air without hazardous materials! From the Journal of Chemical Education. (15 minutes plus preparation time, lab/demo, additional materials required)

More detailed directions on the lithium-ion battery experiment including safety information, where to source materials and step by step instructions. 

ACS Periodic Table Cupcakes Mix – Bake and decorate your own Periodic Table to continue celebrating IYPT – almost sold out so order them now! Use code "MARVMET19" to get 20% off your cupcakes.

Pick a M&M – It’s almost Halloween so start you event with something sweet. A fun chemistry-themed ice breaker (10-15 minutes, ice breaker, paper and m&ms)

As your group settles in, get the party started with the official Spotify playlist of #MarvelousMetals and #NCW. Add your own chemistry and metals related songs to this collaborative playlist (bonus points for deep cuts and puns). 

Cartoon Graphics

C&EN Metal Chemistry Articles

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