Chemistry Rocks! Exploring the Chemistry of Rocks and Minerals

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 @ 7:00pm ET
Discover a simpler way to host your chemistry event. ACS Program-in-a-Box. Register your Group for October 24th at 7pm ET.
Professor Mole holding a green gemstone

We are surrounded by rocks and minerals everywhere... in the ground we walk on, the places we work and live, and even in the food we eat.  How are chemists experimenting with these fundamental materials to help the world and make our lives better?  As a host you will gather a group for a live interactive broadcast where you and your attendees will have the opportunity to network with young chemists across the world on social media, participate in discussion and activities, and ask questions live to the experts regarding the amazing work that is being done in rock and mineral science.


Youtube ID: rfhAAqEsagE

What Your Group Will Learn

  • How can we use minerals to improve the quality of life
  • What is the structural chemistry of various gemstones
  • What is biomineralization and how can it inspire sustainable and novel building materials
  • How mineralizing carbon dioxide can make an impact on the future of climate change
  • What is the energy-water-food nexus and why do minerals matter
  • What are some potential future careers in rock and mineral chemistry

What is ACS Program-in-a-Box?

ACS Program-in-a-Box is the easiest event you'll ever host because "it's all in the box."  With very little effort (acquire the space and gather the crowd), you can host an energetic science event that engages chemistry students and early career chemists.

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Not an ACS Local Section, Technical Division, or Student Chapter?  That’s okay! We want chemists to join the party and connect with each other. We’ll send you a “digital box” to download handouts included in the physical box for you to print and share with your attendees. We can also help you use ACS Program-in-a-Box™ to start your Student Chapter, or get your Local Section or Student Chapter back into an active status, so next time you’ll see an ACS Program-in-a-Box™ on your doorstep!"


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