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ACS Exclusive Webinars

Exceptional Presentations In Spite of PowerPoint

“Death by PowerPoint” is in the lexicon for good reason. Giving a great presentation is about engaging an audience, which requires understanding who that audience is and what they hope to gain by listening to you. Skills developed when overhead projectors were the norm are critically important for some audiences, yet are rarely cultivated today when the audience is virtual. Join Mark Jones, Executive External Strategy and Communications Fellow at Dow Chemical, in order to discover the keys to effective presentations like knowing your audience, recognizing limitations, and overcoming those limitations.

Networking without Saying a Single Word: Silent but Deadly

Networking doesn’t require you to be an extrovert, but it does require you to be outgoing. The act of interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career is a critical aspect in today’s society and is absolutely necessary to accomplish tasks that go outside your current sphere of knowledge. Join Matt Grandbois of Dow Chemical as he joins us for his third professional development installment to learn the best networking techniques that do not actually involve speaking.

The Proposal Writing Process: Practical Tips 

Why do some research proposals receive funding while others are not rewarded the same distinction? Join Nancy Jensen a Program Manager of the Office of Research Grants at ACS in this sequel webinar as she focuses on the proposal writing process and provides more practical tips for funding success. In this free interactive broadcast you will discover what proposal reviewers desire to know about your project as well as behind the scenes knowledge of the reviewer evaluation process.