Career Pathways Descriptions

Finding a Direction

Where to start. You will find foundational career planning materials and assets:  a values assessment, a competency assessment, guidelines for articulating a career objective, a list of job search tools, and guidelines for networking.

Finding My Pathway

Working in Industry describes the kinds of career opportunities available to chemical professionals in industry, with special attention to jobs outside a traditional lab setting and how to get those jobs.  It also includes a section on assembling an application portfolio, including a resume, cover letter, research summary and so on.

Working in Higher Education focuses exclusively on tertiary education, but would include all types of higher education institutions from community colleges to major research universities.  This section includes attention to how to write a CV, assemble an application portfolio, and apply for a job in higher education.

Working in Government.
  Because of the degree of variability in state and local jobs, this section would focuses exclusively on jobs with the federal government.  It also touches on jobs in the non-for-profit sector, as possible and appropriate.

Working for Yourself
provides resources for chemists interested in starting their own companies, including consulting businesses.

Once you have an interview

Acing the Interview includes resources for job seekers who are preparing for a job interview.

Handling a Job Offer and Managing Your Career

Managing Your Career.  This section describes the protocol for evaluation and accepting a job offer, and provides guidelines for thinking about career management as a life-long enterprise.