ACS has been training chemists for decades.  As training needs change, how training is delivered must change. Scientists are looking for training more specifically designed to meet the goals they have in their job, more accommodating of their working lives, and more applicable to their jobs. To meet these changing needs, ACS continues to modernize how it delivers group and individual training.  

Sci-Mind® is an exciting, learning product designed to personalize learning AND modernize education and training for busy professionals in the scientific industry. The product is designed for companies interested in receiving group training with a significant online component.

Sci-Mind® is a customizable, online environment integrating traditional classroom discussions, lectures, and activities with social media tools for flexible access and learning. Sci-Mind® curricula, assignments, activities and experts are customized according to the needs of each company and rely on using real-life situations faced at work to illustrate lesson plans.

Our online customers come from all areas of industry including energy, food, bulk and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health care, and government. Our long track record of experience means that we understand how to make this kind of learning work for working professionals.

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