Global community building: Thoughts and insights from ACS President Donna Nelson

ACS President Donna Nelson shares insights on building bridges and trust through global communities to further scientific exchange.

Molecule of the Week

I’m a useful acid that will soon be available in larger quantities.

What molecule am I?

C&EN/ACS Publications Highlights

Synthesize Flu Drugs Safely
These syntheses of the potent anti-influenza agents zanamivir and zanaphosphor avoid the use of hazardous azide reagents.

Organic Letters

MOF Captures, Converts CO2
This sulfonate-based metal–organic framework with polar, permanent porosity efficiently adsorbs CO2 and catalyzes its conversion to cyclic carbonates.

Chemistry of Materials

Improve Simulated Dye Spectra
This method for simulating the optical properties of dissolved molecular dyes relies on two solvation models to eliminate spectral perturbations.

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation