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An Essential ELEMENT

Diversity and inclusion are essential to any solution.
ACS is proud to foster both.
How are YOU inclusive?
ACS Diversity Handout
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What’s Inclusion?

An inclusive environment is one in which members feel respected by and connected to one another. It goes beyond race, gender, gender identity and ethnicity. An inclusive environment promotes the integration of people’s experiences, knowledge and perspectives.

How can we foster a cohesive and efficient workspace and workplace?

Being “In” starts with you.
Join ACS and learn how you can be “IN”  at your workplace.

Characteristics of an Inclusive Environment

  • Differences along all cultural dimensions are recognized and valued
  • The multiplicity of ways that people learn, know and communicate are respected

Benefits of an Inclusive Environment

  • Increased satisfaction and retention of members
  • Access to greater human resources and skills
  • Opportunity to gain from multiple perspectives when problem solving

Characteristics of an Inclusive workplace:

  • During discussions, invite input from quiet and overlooked individuals.
  • Interrupt interrupters – For example: “I'd like to hear the rest of what _____ has to say before we move on.”

How are You inclusive at the workplace?

Share your story and help our scientific community be diverse and inclusive.

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