ACS Women Chemists of Color Program

Empower women chemists of color to maximize their opportunities in the chemical profession while cultivating an environment that fully engages these members.


Women chemists of color are respected for their complete professional and personal identities; are full and equal participants across the American Chemical Society and the chemical enterprise; and, are equipped with tools and resources to attain their fullest potential.


Strategic Priorities

  • Community Building — Identify and support women chemists of color in a community of role models and peers where networking and mentoring can occur.
  • Communication — Disseminate information about and resources for women chemists of color across the ACS and throughout our partnerships through the website, social media, electronic communication, and other vehicles.
  • Advocacy — Broaden awareness of the challenges and opportunities for women chemists of color, influence leadership, foster advocacy, and collaborate through partnerships in order to achieve our vision.
  • Resources — Identify and develop resources that enable and empower women chemists of color.


American Chemical Society
Department of Diversity Programs
1155 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036