Committee on Community Activities

The ACS Committee on Community Activities (CCA) delivers high-quality community-based outreach programs, products, and services and provides opportunities to connect chemists with their local communities in an effort to improve the public's perception of chemistry.

The CCA works alongside the ACS Office of Volunteer Support to develop and support ACS-sponsored community outreach programs such as National Chemistry Week (NCW) and Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW).

The Committee assists with coordinating Society-wide programs such as Meg A. Mole – Future Chemist. Chair, Holly Davis, writes annual comments on community outreach, which can be found in C&EN.

In addition, the Committee oversees the ChemLuminary Awards presented to ACS local sections for their annual NCW activities, provides recognition for other ACS-sponsored community outreach activities, and assists with the Salutes to Excellence awards program.

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