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Committee on Community Activities (CCA)

The purpose of the Committee on Community Activities is to improve the public perception of chemistry by providing programs to connect chemists with their communities by:

  • Providing guidance to the Society’s community outreach programs and activities, and developing and implementing new resources/technologies to support, evaluate, and sustain them;
  • Encouraging participation in community outreach programs through recruitment, retention and recognition of volunteers; and
  • Informing the Board, Council and other Society bodies of the Committee’s activities.

CCA's vision is improving the public understanding and appreciation of chemistry through excellence in outreach, and CCA's mission is supporting ACS members and volunteers by facilitating safe, fun, and effective community outreach. CCA is a Joint-Board Council Committee that works as an advisory group to the American Chemical Society’s Office of Science Outreach. Major programs include National Chemistry Week, Chemists Celebrate Earth Week, Chemistry Festivals, Salutes to Excellence, and Outreach Volunteers of the Year.