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Subcommittees and Theme Teams

Committee on Community Activities (CCA)

The Committee on Community Activities is organized into three subcommittees and theme teams for the purpose of achieving its goals in the areas of community programming and public outreach. The subcommittees are composed of members of CCA, while the theme teams consist of members from CCA and other groups associated with the specified program.

Tools & Training Subcommittee (T&T)

The T&T Subcommittee is responsible for providing training and guidance for volunteers to perform outreach activities or events in order to increase the number of local sections running and reporting such activities.

Program Development and Promotion Subcommittee (PDP)

The PDP Subcommittee is responsible for all new and developing programs of CCA. They provide guidance to the staff of Member Communities with respect to the development of Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED) and National Chemistry Week (NCW). Within the subcommittee, there are theme teams for up to three years in advance for CCED and NCW. The teams suggest themes, facilitate collaborations and connections to other related organizations and advise Member Communities on activities, games, and resources associated with each year’s respective celebrations (2 per year).

Volunteer Engagement and Recognition Subcommittee (VER)

The VER Subcommittee is responsible for recruiting, retaining, and recognizing outreach coordinators. Their biggest task is the review and judging of self-nominations for ChemLuminary Awards associated with National Chemistry Week. They look for ways to strengthen in-reach efforts, to better enable and recognize member involvement and participation, and develop ways to engage individuals. They serve as the advisory group for the Salutes to Excellence Program and select ChemLuminary award winners.