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Corporation Associates Charter & Bylaws

Corporation Associates, Special Committee
Regulation III, 12

Responsible for the official relationship between corporations and the SOCIETY, including the provision of advice to the Board on SOCIETY activities relating to member organizations; development of recommendations about sources of and uses for income from Corporation Associates; and acceptance or rejection of applications for enrollment, as specified in the Bylaws. (6/6/92)


(Constitution, Article V)
Affiliates and Associates
Corporation Associates
Sec. 4.
a. Any reputable firm, association, corporation, or institution, or one or more subdivisions thereof desiring to support programs of the SOCIETY that serve the interests of chemical scientists, particularly those in industry, may apply for enrollment as a Corporation Associate of the SOCIETY as provided in this Bylaw.
a. Multiple enrollments are permissible. A Corporation Associate shall be entitled to no membership privileges. (6/6/92)
b. Application for such status shall be made on a special form and be accompanied by a check in payment of dues for the first year. A Committee on Corporation Associates of the Board of Directors shall consider all applications for Corporation Associates and take such action as it deems appropriate. (6/18/51)
c. The dues of Corporation Associates shall be graduated and based on the number of chemical scientists employed the preceding year by the unit enrolled in accordance with a schedule set in advance by the Board of Directors. (1/1/82)
d. The dues so paid shall be available at the discretion of the Board of Directors, with the advice and recommendation of the Committee on Corporation Associates, primarily to develop, support, and expand SOCIETY programs to serve the interests of industrial chemical scientists and to improve the image of chemistry. (10/6/98)
e. The obligation for dues for a Corporation Associate shall continue from year to year. The status of any Corporation Associate in arrears for dues after March 31 shall be communicated to the Board of Directors for its action. If, by action of the Board of Directors, a Corporation Associate is dropped for nonpayment of dues, it shall be reinstated only by vote of the Board of Directors upon recommendation by its Committee on Corporation Associates. (10/6/98)

Sec. 5.
A Society Affiliate, Student Affiliate, Local Section Affiliate, Division Affiliate, or Corporation Associate may be dropped for good and sufficient reasons. (11/2/02)