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Member Roster

Committee on Budget and Finance

The members of the Society Committee on Budget and Finance are as follows:

Budget & Finance Committee - 2020

  • William J. Greenlee, Chair
  • Bryan Balazs
  • William J. Greenlee
  • Paul W. Jagodzinski
  • Natalie A. LaFranzo
  • Willem R. Leenstra
  • Kristin M. Omberg
  • Christina C. Bodurow
  • Joseph A. Heppert
  • Rigoberto Hernandez
  • Richard Lomneth
  • Janet M. Smith
  • Marinda Li Wu
  • Peter K. Dorhout
  • Carol A. Duane
  • Kathleen Gibboney
  • Tiffany N. Hoerter
  • Bonnie Lawlor
  • Diane Grob Schmidt

Associates (one-year appointment)

  • James C. Carver
  • Richard S. Danchik
  • Dana Ferraris
  • Angela K. Wilson

ConC Liaison

  • Carolyn Ribes

Staff Liaison

  • Albert G. Horvath