Member Roster

Committee on Constitution and Bylaws (C&B)

Committee members must be Councilors and are appointed by the President of the Society for two-year terms. Although no special training is required for membership on the Committee, members are expected to become knowledgeable about the ACS Constitution and Bylaws. We welcome Councilors who are interested in joining this committee. Contact Barbara Polansky, Staff Liaison if you are interested in and eligible for Committee membership.

Committee Members

Dr. James C. Carver, Chair
Dr. V. Dean Adams
Dr. Brian B. Brady
Dr. David S. Crumrine
Dr. Stan S. Hall
Dr. Hiroko I. Karan
Dr. Virgil J. Lee
Mr. John M. Long
Dr. Jason E. Schaff
Dr. Steven Trohalaki
Dr. T. Blake Vance
Dr. Paul F. Vartanian
Dr. John A. Whittle
Dr. Doris L. Zimmerman

Associate Members

Dr. W. Gary Hollis, Jr.
Dr. Svetlana Korolev


Dr. Harmon B. Abrahamson, Liaison from CPC and Chair, CPC Subcommittee
          on Petitions, Constitution, and Bylaws
Dr. Robert A. Pribush, ConC Liaison
Ms. Barbara F. Polansky, Staff Liaison