Committee on Chemical Safety

What We Do

Welcome to the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS). This section highlights the Committee's activities and provides administrative resources for its members.

Our primary activities include:

  • Publication of standards, tools, and other materials for use in classrooms, laboratories, and the workplace
  • Development of safety policy statements for the ACS Board of Directors
  • Providing advice and assistance to other ACS committees and members
  • Presentation and sponsorship of symposia


CCS provides collaborative leadership and resources to advance chemical safety.


A scientific community that embraces safety in all activities of the chemistry enterprise.


  • Goal 1: Foster collaborative partnerships to advance safe chemistry.
  • Goal 2: Create and compile chemical safety resources that are current, well-managed and authoritative.
  • Goal 3: Ensure effective dissemination of high quality chemical safety resources.
  • Goal 4: Optimize CCS structure and operations to achieve strategic goals and ongoing responsibilities.

Who We Are

CCS Subcommittees & Advisory Panel

  • Subcommittees: Learn about focus areas and work of the Education, Partnership, and Safe Practices Subcommittees.
  • Advisory Panel:  Focus area: Special projects associated with laboratory safety.


The Committee on Chemical Safety was created in 1963. The first meeting was held at the 145th ACS National Meeting, Americana Hotel, New York, NY. Following is an excerpt of the minutes prepared by Secretary Arthur H. Christian:

"The Committee met in open session on Monday, September 9, 1963, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. with six of its members present. A total of 23 visitors signed the register. Chairman H.K. Livingston opened the meeting by reviewing the recommendations of the ad hoc committee for establishment of this committee, the programs of the Committee, and progress to date. He emphasized its interest in determining members' views and suggestions for Society activities in the area of chemical safety and accident prevention. As one way of achieving this goal, he noted that liaison had been established with several of the Council Standing Committees. Thereafter, discussion centered on the agenda topics which were published in C&EN, August 5, page 144.

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