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The use of alternative solvent purification techniques [PDF]
Copyright 2003
Published in the Journal of Chemical Health & Safety, doi:10.1016/S1074-9098(03)00055-8.

Security Vulnerablility Checklist for Academic and Small Chemical Laboratory Facilities [PDF]
Copyright 2009
Checklist to identify potential security problem areas for smaller chemical facilities, particularly laboratories. (May also be useful for larger chemical facilities.)

Safe Transportation Recommendations for Chemicals Used in Demonstrations or Educational Activities [PDF]
Published November 2018
Information regarding regulatory requirements that must be followed when transporting hazardous material.

New & Improved Flame Test Demonstration
A safer alternative to the Rainbow Demonstration.

Safety Resources from ACS's Chemical & Engineering News

Blog: The Safety Zone
Covers chemical safety issues in academic and industrial research labs and in manufacturing.

C&EN Safety Letters
Readers explore chemical safety issues from their own laboratory experiences.

Elementary School

Safety in the Elementary Science Classroom
How to create a safe experimental environment for students.
Published 2011 (Update to come in 2019)

High School

Safety Rubric - Assessing Chemical Demonstration Videos [PDF]
Copyright 2019
A template for educators to review the safety and pedagogy of chemical demonstration videos in order to determine whether they should be used in the classroom.

Guidelines for Chemical Laboratory Safety in Secondary Schools [PDF]
Copyright 2016
Foundational tools and guidelines for science teachers to encourage a strong safety culture in classrooms and labs. The R.A.M.P. concept is discussed. Hard copies available to purchase.

How to Make Chemistry Classroom Demonstrations and Experiments Safer
Developed by Chemical and Engineering News, 2015
A guide for performing experiments or demonstrations involving open flames, fire, or the use of flammable, reactive, toxic, or corrosive chemicals.

Safety Data Sheets:  Information that Could Save Your Life
Published by ChemMatters, 2015 and reviewed
For students, topics include: the importance of safety in the chemistry classroom, identifying hazards and assessing their risks by using Safety Data Sheets, requirements for combustion, flash points, fire points and autoignition.

Safety Alert: The Rainbow Demonstration
March 17, 2014
A message from CCS regarding inherent dangers of the Rainbow Demonstration.

Safety Alert: Tornado Experiment
September 5, 2014
A message from CCS regarding inherent dangers of the Tornado Experiment.


Guidelines for Chemical Laboratory Safety in Academic Institutions [PDF]
Copyright 2016
Guidelines for instilling a strong safety foundation in students and deepening their knowledge of safety practices. Hard copies are available to purchase.

Creating Safety Cultures in Academic Institutions [PDF]
Copyright 2012
Guidance, suggestions, and recommendations to strengthen safety cultures in undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral programs.

Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories, Eighth Edition [PDF]
Best practices for first- and second-year university students
- Arabic Translation [PDF]

Laboratory Researchers/Workers

Safety Guidelines

Identifying and Evaluating Hazards in Research Laboratories [PDF]
Copyright 2015
Information and tools for mitigating hazards in research labs. Also visit the companion website.

Guide for Chemical Spill Response Planning in Laboratories
Prepared 1995
Framework for laboratory employees to respond to plan for and respond to chemical spills.

Nanotechnology Safety Resources
Compiled in 2007
Guidelines for safe handling of low-solubility ultrafine particles in the lab.

Living with the Laboratory Standard
An interpretation of OSHA's Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories standard. It specifically addresses the responsibilities of Chemical Hygiene Officers (CHOs), who are responsible for implementation of the Chemical Hygiene Plan. $10/copy (bulk discounts available). To order:


Labpack Land Disposal Restriction comments to USEPA [PDF]
Issued 2014
Response to EPA's request for comment on requirement for land disposal restriction notices and recordkeeping for all hazardous waste labpacks.

Position Statement: Regulation of Laboratory Waste
ACS recommendations concerning environmental regulations placed on academic, commercial, and government laboratories.

Letter to NIOSH: Contact Lenses [PDF]
May 8, 2001
Letter to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health regarding safety of wearing contact lenses in labs.

Industry & Small Business

Chemical Safety Manual for Small Businesses, Third Edition [PDF]
Copyright 2007
Guidelines for managers, administrators, and employees of small businesses.

Safety Audit/Inspection Manual [PDF]
Copyright 2002
How to prepare for worplace safety audits and inspections.

Less Is Better [PDF]
Copyright 2002
Outlines practical waste minimization concepts.

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