Committee on Clinical Chemistry

The ACS Board Committee on Clinical Chemistry promotes the practice of clinical chemistry by supporting improvements in education, research, and professionalism to enhance the profession and the public's knowledge of clinical chemistry.

Specific goals include:

1. Encouraging academic institutions to establish programs and courses in clinical chemistry

2. Promoting scientific symposia and other activities within ACS to assure that topics related to clinical chemistry are frequently and appropriately presented

3. Promoting societal awareness about the profession and its contributions to the public's well-being

4. Supporting efforts to preserve the professional status of clinical chemists through voluntary and regulatory certification activities

Committee Members

Dr. Kenneth E. Blick (2003 Chair)

Dr. Joseph Boone (2002-2004)

Dr. Kurt Dubowski

Dr. Robert C. Elser

Dr. Michael Everitt

Dr. Donald T. Forman

Dr. Arden W. Forrey

Dr. Helen M. Free

Dr. Nathan Gochman

Dr. Barbara Goldsmith

Dr. Lindsay F. Hofman

Dr. John E. Sherwin

Dr. Jack Zakowski

Andrea T. Bennett
Staff Liaison

Strategic Plan for 2016

ACS invites all chemical scientists and engineers to join us in achieving this vision.