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2018 Committee Preferences

It is time to begin the process of making appointment to ACS Council-related committees for 2017.  If you are interested in serving on an ACS Committee, the online committee preference form for committee assignments will be open from March 27-June 9, 2017 at  Here are some highlights to remember:

  • ConC only makes the recommendations for committee appointment and reappointments. The ACS President and Board Chair approve the actual recommendations made by ConC, both individually and jointly in late fall.
  •  Keep in mind that these are working committees; regular attendance at committee and subcommittee meetings (often held at national meetings) are required and most important.
  • Most initial appointments to committees are for associate positions.  Associates are appointed for one-year and must also complete the preference form in order to seek reappointment on the committee in which they currently serve. 
  • Those finishing a term or who have reached the statutory limit on a committee especially need to complete the online form to reaffirm their interest and commitment to service in the Society.
  • It is helpful to list four of the Council-related committees.  If you are currently serving on a committee, your current committees will be listed, along with the term expiration date. 
  • After selecting your preferred committees, you will then provide details about your qualifications.  I must emphasize that it is very helpful to the President, Board Chair and ConC and to those respective committees selected, to include specific details about your qualifications for appointment. 
  • Upon completion of your preferences and qualifications, you will receive a confirmation that will highlight your selections and confirmation that your submissions have been received.
  • You can also use this system to update your Yellow Book contact and biographical information throughout the year.  Contact the ACS Secretary’s Office at if you don’t receive information about the online preference form.