CPRC - Members


(As of  March, 2016)

Jennifer Maclachlan, Chair

Raychelle M. Burks, Member

Béla Buslig, Member

J. Keith Butler, Member

David Carrillo, Committee Associate

Margaret Cavanaugh, Member

Amina El-Ashmawy, Member

Michael W. Fultz, Committee Associate

Donald Hicks, Member

Lynn Hogue, Member

Chanda Ciriacks Klinker, Committee Associate

Mike Lawrence, Consultant

Patrick S. Lee, Member

Milt Levenberg, Member

Preston MacDougall, Member

John Malin, Member

William Oliver, Member

Keith H. Pannell, Member

Kenneth Poggenburg, Jr., Member

Kathy Shaginaw, Committee Associate

Terence Edwin Say, Member

Anne K. Taylor, Member

Brian G.R. Treco, Member

Liaisons from other ACS committees

Mitchell Bruce, liaison from the Committee on Committees

John Malin, liaison to the Committee on International Activities

Sarah M. Mullins, liaison from the Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs

Mary Virginia Orna, liaison from the Local Section Activities Committee

Sanda Sun, liaison from the Committee on Community Activities

Office of Public Affairs staff working with the CPRC

Nancy Blount, Staff Liaison to CPRC
Assistant Director, Society Communications, Office of Public Affairs

Glenn Ruskin
Director, Office of Public Affairs