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CPRC Mission and Goals

CPRC Mission Statement: 

CPRC supports the ACS goal of improving public understanding and appreciation of chemistry's contributions to people's lives.

CPRC Goals

Goal 1: Engage and support ACS units and members in effective communication and proactive public outreach.

Strategy 1: Create an outline for a “communications team” prototype and talk with LSs, LSAC, and CCA to refine and repurpose existing communication tools.

Strategy 2: Partner with DAC to develop an incentive award to recognize excellent public relations for a Division event with first award in 2016.

Strategy 3: Use local section Chemistry Ambassador pool as candidates for outreach by June 2015.

Goal 2: Design ACS communications and outreach for diverse cultural and generational audiences.

Strategy 1: Identify “lead communicators” who currently communicate effectively about chemistry to determine why and how they communicate chemistry.

Strategy 2: Set up an open session at 2 regional meetings this year (2014) to solicit input from LS officers/members about best practices for activities targeted at diverse audiences. Information will be compiled for CPRC to guide design of ACS communication & outreach, especially for LS toolkits.

Strategy 3: Initiate interactions with ACS International Chapters to begin providing them a package of Chemistry Ambassadors resources.

Goal 3: Be the primary resource for emerging communication tools to empower members in their effective use in engaging the public.

Strategy 1: Reactivate the CPRC technology subcommittee with the possible addition of non-CPRC members, as appropriate. 

Strategy 2: Create two databases: tools and users with relevant links that are emerging technology focused.

Strategy 3: Publicize CPRC with respect to its capabilities and as the place to go for best practices and tools for effective communication and public outreach.

Approved and updated August 2014.