Committee on Divisional Activities

What We Do

The Divisional Activities Committee (DAC) empowers ACS technical divisions to successfully advance the chemical enterprise. DAC provides guidance, support and resources to the technical divisions that enable them to accomplish their goals.

  • Enhance communications with and between divisions
  • Enhance collaboration and networking between divisions
  • Increase the number of new ACS members who belong to a division
  • Improve the retention rate of division members

Council Committee on Divisional Activities Responsibilities

The Divisional Activities Committee (DAC) has responsibility for oversight and coordination of activities of divisions of the Society to ensure that the fields of interest, as they evolve, are served. The Committee also recommends policies to Council and the Board of Directors that enhance the effectiveness of the divisions and the Society.

DAC produces and approves resource documents that guide members as they carry out their roles as division leaders. The subcommittees of DAC oversee activities that provide revenue for the divisions, such as defining the allocation formula that details how funds from the member dues pool are distributed and reviewing proposals for financial support through the Innovative Project Grants program.

Working closely with the divisions, themes for each meeting are selected and special programming is developed around the theme. 

DAC Subcommittees 

Communications & Technology Subcommittee

The Communications & Technology Subcommittee facilitates divisions leveraging technology to communicate with their members, other divisions, DAC and other outside stakeholders. Members of this subcommittee help plan technology initiatives to enhance communication between the divisions and ACS staff as well as how the divisions communicate and generate value for their members through internet, website and videoconference communications.

Governance & Reporting Subcommittee

The Governance and Reporting Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing all Division annual reports and advising divisions on matters of governance, membership, finances, or other issues. This subcommittee also shares best practices among divisions and keeps DAC informed about petitions coming before the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws (C&B) and the Council. Subcommittee members are responsible for reviewing petitions for council action and determining the effects the petition may have on divisions.

Divisional Enhancement & Outreach Subcommittee

The Divisional Enhancement & Outreach Subcommittee assists ACS Divisions to meet their objectives, providing financial support as possible. This includes recognition of excellent divisional initiatives through the ChemLuminary Awards and funding of innovative divisional activities through the Innovative Project Grants. The members of this subcommittee review innovative program grant applications, as well as the ChemLuminary award nominations from Divisions' Annual Reports. 

Technical Programming & Collaboration Subcommittee

The Technical Programming and Collaboration Subcommittee reviews meeting activities with respect to Division needs and issues, and enhances programming activities between Divisions and other venues. This subcommittee also keeps DAC informed of issues before Committee on Meetings & Expositions (M&E). This subcommittee reviews guidelines for programming, speakers, and paper submission requirements, and evaluates all Society meeting venues related to Divisional activities. 

Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group (MPPG) 

The Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group (MPPG) selects and plans Society-wide thematic and multidisciplinary programming for ACS National meetings. It also evaluates new programming formats that will enhance multidisciplinary interactions in as well as outside the ACS. Every division has the opportunity to participate in selecting representatives, providing input and suggestions to the MPPG,. The MPPG also participates in the selection of the Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry Lecturers for each ACS Meeting, as well as selects the Kavli Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecturer for each of the ACS Meetings.

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