Past Thematic Programming at ACS National Meetings

Fall 2014, San Francisco

Chemistry & Global Stewardship

Organizer: Robin Rogers

Spring 2014, Dallas

Chemistry & Materials for Energy

Organizers: Michelle Buchanan and Nitash Balsara

Fall 2013, Indianapolis

Chemistry in Motion

Organizer: Robert Weiss

Spring 2013, New Orleans

Chemistry of Energy & Food

Organizer: James N. Seiber

Fall 2012, Philadelphia

Materials for Health & Medicine

Organizers: Xinqiao Jia

Spring 2012, San Diego

Chemistry of Life

Organizers: Peter Senter

Fall 2011, Denver

Chemistry of Air, Space, and Water

Organizers: Ron Cohen

Spring 2011, Anaheim

Chemistry of Natural Resources

Organizers: Ann-Christine Albertsson

Fall 2010, Boston

Chemistry for Preventing and Combating Disease

Subthemes: Diagnostics, Environment, and Antioxidants; Genetics, Nutrition, and Nanotechnology; Pharmaceuticals
John Finley and Kenneth Jacobson

Spring 2010, San Francisco

Chemistry for a Sustainable World

Subthemes: Agriculture, Energy, Green Chemistry, and Water
Laura Pence

Fall 2009, Washington, DC

Chemistry and Global Security: Challenges and Opportunities

Subthemes: Chemistry of CO2 and Climate Change; Chemical and Biological Terrorism Defense
Sadiq Shah

Fall 2008, Philadelphia

Chemistry for Health: Catalyzing Translational Research

Subthemes: Drug Assay, Drug Delivery, and Drug Discover
Kinam Park

Spring 2008, New Orleans

Energy and the Environment

Subthemes: Energy, Environment, Water
Mike Morello (Lead), Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Andrew Jackson, Eberhard Morgenroth

Fall 2007, Boston

Biotechnology for Health and Wellness

Subthemes: Material Innovations: From Nanotech to Biotech and Beyond, Chemistry of Systems Biology, Nutritional Genomics
Han Shen, Les McQuire, John Finley

Spring 2007, Chicago

Sustainability of Energy, Food, and Water

Subthemes: Energy, Food, Water
Catherine Hunt (Lead), Ken Anderson, Sharon Shoemaker, Benito Marinas

Fall 2006, San Francisco

Recovery from and Prevention of Natural Disasters

Organizer: Ruth Hathaway