MPPG Communications & Outreach Subcommittee

The purpose of the Communications and Outreach Subcommittee is to explore options, develop a strategy, align with MPPG, implement, maintain tools, and execute timely and effective communication between MPPG, divisions, and programming committees. The communications and outreach subcommittees are accountable for recording and organizing decisions and policies made by MPPG along with the rationale for those decisions. This subcommittee has a significant role in establishing protocols for promoting thematic programming, both internal and external to ACS. This subcommittee should maintain key contact information such as division MPPG representatives and behind the scenes influencers, contacts with other scientific societies, etc. All posting to official MPPG archival records (website, MPPG group on ACS Network) should be administered through this subcommittee.

Tools the communications subcommittee should explore include: