MPPG Thematic Programming Subcommittee

The purpose of the MPPG Thematic Programming Sub-Committee (TPC) is to create proposals for themes for upcoming ACS national meetings. Proposals need to be presented with enough lead time before a national meeting to allow a theme to be chosen by MPPG Representatives, presented to the divisions for comment, and decided upon by MPPG Representatives. The final decision on the theme needs to be made 24 months prior to the national meeting.

The activities of the TPC will include:

  1. Soliciting themes from appropriate Society units including divisions, the Committee on Science, and other interested committees.
  2. Soliciting theme ideas from ACS members and others interested in chemistry by creating mechanisms for input.
  3. Meeting to consider thematic ideas collected relative to a particular meeting.
  4. Considering the characteristics of the national meeting site and what themes they might suggest (i.e. biotech in Boston, San Francisco or San Diego).
  5. Compiling the themes that have been successful in the past, themes that are strategic for the Society (the Strategic Plan is a resource here), and should periodically return to those themes as appropriate.
  6. Choosing a proposed theme or themes for upcoming meetings from the aforementioned input, and communicate to the MPPG Executive Committee and representatives.  

The following is a rough timeline that can serve to guide the work of the subcommittee:

Due by
(months prior to meeting)


about 32 (Generally 2 national meetings prior to one at which final decision will be made) Send request to divisions, ComSci, others for ideas for theme for upcoming meeting TPC/ACS Staff
about 29 Collate suggested theme input from divisions, ComSci, others and send to TPC members ACS Staff
about 28 (Generally at National Meeting prior to one at which final decision will be made) Decide on theme to recommend to Steering Committee for upcoming meeting TPC
25 Deadline for Division Feedback on Theme(s) MPPG Steering Committee
24 Final Decision on Theme Made MPPG Steering Committee