ACS Committee on Nominations & Elections

The ACS Committee on Nominations & Elections selects, from among the broad diversity of the membership, candidates who can provide quality leadership.

Composition and Duties

The committee is composed of fifteen voting Councilors elected by Council, and its duties include:

  •  Receiving suggestions of persons who should be considered when selecting proposed nominees for Society offices; receiving proposals for nomination by Councilor petition; and receiving nominating petitions from ACS members.
  • Preparing a slate of nominees for District Directors and President-Elect, and of candidates for Director-at-Large, together with a summary of the qualifications of those named.
  • Supervising all Society elections.
  • Receiving and reviewing credentials of Councilors and determining eligibility for admittance to Council meetings.
  • Conducting elections in the Council.
  • Serving as an election appeals board for all Local Section or Division elections when it has reason to believe that significant election procedure violations have occurred.


In addition to subcommittees to prepare slate of nominees and candidates for Society offices, N&E has other subcommittees to facilitate the work of the committee.

  •  Subcommittee on Preferential Voting

    This subcommittee is tasked with reviewing the N&E Balloting and Preferential Voting Procedures and proposing any needed revisions for full committee endorsement and Council approval. 

  • Subcommittee on Operational Guidelines

    This subcommittee is tasked with collecting and officially documenting N&E internal, operational guidelines.  This includes updating the N&E Operations Manual, as well as extracting committee operations decisions from past meeting minutes to be formalized in the manual.  Proposal for any substantial revisions will be brought before the full committee for endorsement.

  • Subcommittee on N&E Standing Rules

    This subcommittee is tasked with reviewing the Standing Rules on Elections Functions, based on the recent approval by Society members to modify the ACS Governing Documents.  The review should include verbiage, content and structure or locale of the current N&E Standing Rules.  The subcommittee will target implementation of verbiage and structure changes in 2020, with any substantial content or process changes to be implemented in 2021.

Strategic Plan 

ACS invites all chemical scientists and engineers to join us in achieving this vision.

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