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Case of Unsafe Acceptable Over the Ocean

Category 3: Safety and Comportment


Professor Slick works in a large U.S. research university. On a recent trip to Asia to give a talk, he meets a colleague, Professor Yup. Together they craft a system for disposing of waste from Slick's lab that will bring financial benefits to both Professors. Yup is aware that the laws protecting workers in his country are far less restrictive than in the US. Slick agrees to charge his school for his waste disposable while shipping it to Yup, where the latter will have his graduate students detoxify the waste as part of the requirement for earning a degree. Slick and Yup are able to split the money saved by not having the detoxification take place at the more expensive US facility. Inez works in the shipping department at Slick's university, and discovers the scheme.

Stage 1

What do you think happened?

A. Inez talked to Slick and told him about her concerns. Slick discontinued the project.

B. Inez talked to Slick and told him about her concerns. Slick enacted counter measures and talked the department chair into moving Inez to another department.

C. Yup and Slick had a few setbacks when two students in Yup's lab became ill, but they managed to make sure no connection was made to the waste management, and thus keep the lucrative operation going for many years.

D. Inez was able to convince the department safety department to investigate the scheme between Slick and Yup.

Stage 2

How SHOULD the faculty colleagues respond?

A. Inez should notify the department chair. The chair should begin an investigation.

B. Inez should notify the department chair. The chair should do nothing unless there are more documented complaints.

C. Everyone should give Slick the benefit of the doubt because of his status in the department.

D. Inez should spread gossip about the plan among any department faculty who will listen.

E. Inez should bypass the department and contact ACS for intervention.

F. Inez should contact the International Chamber of Commerce.

G. Inez should forget challenging an esteemed professor and accept the unequal conditions in which international workers find themselves.