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Materials for Ethics Education

The following case studies are designed to be used as part of ethics education in chemistry.

The case studies were written for use in workshops or classrooms where each scenario can be read by the participants in 2-5 minutes. Each scenario is followed by a presentation of several choices designed to generate group discussion.

The case studies are organized into four fundamental categories:

  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Collecting and managing data
  • Safety and comportment
  • Cheating, dishonesty, and plagiarism

The workshop leader can use various item choices to encourage the participants to voice their insights and concerns about the case or the choices can be compressed into 3-5 items of more complex choices, upon which the group can vote (by use of a clicker system or some other method of expressing preference).

Each set of options for voting is presented in two (or more) stages. Each stage can be used either with or without clickers.

Case Studies

Category 1: Interpersonal Dynamics

Category 2: Collecting and Analyzing Data

Category 3: Safety and Comportment

Category 4: Cheating, Dishonesty, Plagiarism