Committee on International Activities Roster

The members of the Committee on International Activities are as follows:



  • Dr. Mark Cesa
  • Dr. Jorge L. Colón
  • Dr. Jason Chruma
  • Dr. Timothy W. Hanks
  • Dr. Morton Z. Hoffman
  • Dr. Csaba Janáky
  • Dr. Resa Kelly
  • Ms. Jody A. Kocsis
  • Dr. Hooi-Ling Lee
  • Dr. Nathan Leigh
  • Dr. Cynthia A. Maryanoff
  • Dr. Michael McGinnis
  • Dr. Todd Pagano
  • Dr. Luke B. Roberson
  • Dr. Kabrena Rodda
  • Dr. David Wu
  • Dr. Kap-Sun Yeung
  • Dr. Peter Zarras

Committee Associates

  • Dr. Kishore Bagga
  • Dr. Anil Banerjee
  • Dr. Hassan S. Bazzi
  • Dr. SeChin Chang
  • Dr. Yehya El-Sayed
  • Dr. Daniela Hutanu
  • Dr. Russell Johnson
  • Dr. Carolina Lizarazo Castillo
  • Dr. Jennifer Nielson
  • Dr. Ryan Richards
  • Dr. Andrew Scholte
  • Ms. Nevart Tahmazian


  • Dr. Ingrid Montes

Committee on Committees Liaison

  • Mr. D. Richard Cobb

Staff Liaison

  • Stephanie Sonkin