Committee on International Activities

The 15-member Joint Board-Council Committee on International Activities (IAC) was established by action of the ACS Board of Directors on June 27, 1962 and was upgraded in 1974 to a joint Board-Council Committee. The IAC is responsible for studying and recommending appropriate SOCIETY participation and cooperation in international undertakings pertaining to chemical education, professional activities, and scientific matters of interest to chemists and chemical engineers, and coordinating its efforts with those of other organizations.


The mission of the Committee on International Activities is to assist scientists and engineers worldwide to communicate and collaborate for the good of the chemical and chemically related sciences, chemical engineering, and their practitioners.


Through their enduring volunteer service and commitment, members and associates of the 2015 Joint-Board Council Committee on International Activities continue in their remarkable efforts to further the obligations expressed in Article II, Section 3, of the ACS Constitution, "the SOCIETY shall cooperate with scientists internationally and shall be concerned with the worldwide application of chemistry to the needs of humanity."  

Through its subcommittees on Africa and Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia Pacific Basin, the Committee continued its work to help ACS be more welcoming to chemists and allied scientists and engineers with global interests and advance its strategies that serve the international priorities of the Society.

  1. Fostering ACS international collaborations furthering chemistry's role in addressing global challenges; 
  2. Extending the Society's engagements in international education and training;
  3. Engaging developing countries in cooperation with partner societies;
  4. Assuring support of ACS Science and Human Rights initiatives;
  5. Supporting the development and quality of the ACS International Center;
  6. Sustaining momentum of International Year of Chemistry beyond 2011.

The following is the IAC's 2015 Boston Council Report:

  1. At its meeting in Boston on Saturday, August 15, 2015, IAC continued to make progress in its efforts to help fulfill the Society’s constitutional commitment to cooperate with scientists internationally and be concerned with the worldwide application of chemistry to the needs of humanity. Article II, Section 3, ACS Constitution.

  2. IAC welcomed dignitaries from our sister societies from Canada, Cuba, India, Germany, Taiwan, the UK, as well as leadership of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the US National Academy of Sciences, the Iraqi Chemical Society, EUChEMS, ACS International Chapters, and ACS International Student Chapters.

  3. The Committee approved the ACS Global Innovation Initiatives (Gii) Singapore White Paper and chose South America and Mexico for the 2017 joint ACS-Pittcon program. The Committee reviewed and approved an international chapter request initiated by our members in Southwestern China.  IAC was also involved with several professional, scientific, and global networking events.  Among them, a delegation of Cuban scientists for a timely symposium on ‘Opportunities for US/Cuba Collaboration in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering’, a symposium on International Entrepreneurship in collaboration with ACS President Dr. Diane Grob Schmidt as well as three successful IAC Global Regional Networking Events, and a launch of the International Young Chemists Network.

  4. Finally, IAC sought and received approval at ACS Council for the establishment of ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters in Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Peru and the United Arab Emirates. 

  5. The IAC Boston meeting furthered the Committee’s tradition of excellence, made possible through member volunteer contributions of time, talent and enthusiasm for ACS International Activities.  

For more information, please email the ACS Office of International Activities or visit the OIA website.