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2019 Roster - International Activities Committee


Dr. Jens Breffke


Dr. Madan M. Bhasin

Dr. Jorge L. Colón

Ms. Lynne P. Greenblatt

Dr. Timothy W. Hanks

Dr. Morton Z. Hoffman

Dr. Csaba Janáky

Dr. Venera Jouraeva

Ms. Jody A. Kocsis

Dr. Cynthia A. Maryanoff

Dr. Shelli R. McAlpine

Dr. Sergio C. Nanita

Dr. Attila E. Pavlath

Dr. Luke B. Roberson

Dr. Isai T. Urasa

Dr. David Wu

Dr. Kap-Sun Yeung

Dr. Peter Zarras

Committee Associates

Dr. Hassan S. Bazzi

Dr. Mark C. Cesa

Dr. SeChin Chang

Dr. Wen-Sheng Chung

Dr. Resa M. Kelly

Dr. Michael B. McGinnis

Dr. Gloria U. Obuzor

Dr. Todd E. Pagano

Dr. Kabrena Rodda

Committee on Committees Liaison

Mr. D. Richard Cobb

Staff Liaison

Ms. Lori Brown