Subcommittees of the Committee on International Activities (IAC)

Our subcommittees provide IAC members, associates and consultants an   important space to discuss and formulate plans for the committee in  these changing conditions.  In essence, they serve to identify where and how on a regional basis IAC needs to channel it talents,  networks and resources.

Collectively and individually, the aim of the IAC Subcommittees is to

  • Develop cooperative programs
  • Advance the goals of ACS
  • Identify common values, to connect  and collaborate with counterparts
  • Support and maintain liaisons  with sister societies and partner organizations
  • Serve as an informational clearinghouse for member-serving opportunities (especially for younger chemists)

A new IAC subcommittee structure for 2018 and beyond permits the opportunity to position IAC for success.

  1. The Americas (North, Central and South America) - Chair, Dr. Richard Danchik
  2. Europe (Western, Central, and Eastern Europe) - Chair, Dr. Csaba Janaky
  3. Asia Pacific Basin (including Australia and India) - Chair, Dr. Agnes Rimando*
  4. Africa/Middle East (North, Central, Eastern, and Sub-Saharan Africa; Arabian Gulf, including Turkey) - Chair, Dr. Tim Hanks