2015 LSAC Subcommittees

Local Section Assistance and Development

Alexa Serfis, Chair
Focus: "Help Local Sections of today be all they can be"

Mission Statement:

The Local Section Assistance and Development subcommittee will interact with local sections to assist, energize, and mentor, with the goal to support and revitalize their leadership and activities that further the mission of the American Chemical Society.

Vision Statement:

The Local Section Assistance and Development subcommittee will be proactive in their interactions with local sections to encourage, mentor and develop active leaders who will help through their communication to expand the activities and participation of the membership.

  • New Local Section Ideas
  • Special Assistance
  • Peer-to-Peer Outreach
  • Local Section Visitation Program

Alliances and Partnerships

Martin Rudd, Acting Chair
Focus: "Position Local Sections to form partnerships"

Mission Statement:

The Alliances and Partnerships subcommittee facilitates, promotes, documents and recognizes alliances among local sections and other ACS entities and non-ACS entities, with the objectives of enhancing the society and the products, programs and services available to members and the community.

Vision Statement:

The subcommittee aims to facilitate seamless integration among ACS units, and appropriate interactions with other groups outside ACS, in order to provide enhanced services via local sections.

  • Develop Alliances with ACS Entities
  • Increase Activities with Other Societies
  • Communicate Best Practices and Models
  • LSAC Long-Range Planning

Grants and Awards

Stephanie Watson, Chair
Focus: "Reward, recognize and enhance today's local sections"

Mission Statement:

The Grants and Awards subcommittee will promote innovative programming in local sections and recognize their accomplishments consistent with the ACS Strategic Plan.

  • Innovative Project Grants
  • Science CafĂ© Mini-Grants
  • New LSAC Awards
  • ChemLuminary Awards

Technology, Tools and Operations

Lucy Eubanks, Chair
Focus: "Collaborate, communicate and deliver LSAC value"

Mission Statement:

The Technology, Tools, and Operations subcommittee will assist local sections to encourage, identify, and assess activities that foster the mission of the American Chemical Society to communicate an awareness of the benefits of chemistry both inside and outside the Society.

  • Annual Report Review/Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Technology Usage
  • Review Governance Issues