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2019 LSAC Subcommittees


Mission Statement:

The Communications Subcommittee will provides access to and advice about communications resources that facilitate and support enriched engagement among LSAC, Local Section Leadership, and other relevant stakeholders.

Subcommittee Members: Charles Cannon, Chair; Satinder Ahuja, Jeanne Berk, Larry Berliner, Elizabeth (Bettyann) Howson

Staff Liaison: Angela Morris

Grants & Awards

Mission Statement:

The Grants and Awards subcommittee will promote innovative programming in local sections and recognize their accomplishments consistent with the ACS Strategic Plan.

Subcommittee Members: Betty Jo Chichester, Chair; Gary Anderson, Vice-Chair, Anna Cavinato, Desiree Grubisha, Robert Hargrove, John Larese, Beth Lorsbach, Kim Morehouse, Elaine Yamaguchi

Staff Liaison: Ben Hall

Operations and Support

Mission Statement:

The Operations and Support Subcommittee will mentor, assist, and energize Local Sections to support their members, and to enhance Local Section activities to further the mission of the ACS.

Subcommittee Members:  Louise Lawter, Chair, Barbara Hillery, Kathryn Louie, Brooke Massani, Natalie McClure, Eileen Nottoli, John Whittle

Staff Liaison: Tanya Fogg

Technology and Tools

Mission Statement:

The Technology and Tools Subcommittee provides resources and strategies that support and promote the use of technologies and data analysis to address local section challenges and opportunities.  

Subcommittee Members: Matthew Reichert, Chair, Eileen Dimauro, John Engelman, Michael Kenney, Paul Smith, Kraig Steffen  

Staff Liaison: John Goodloe, Jr.