Committee on Professional and Member Relations (P&MR)

Who are we?

The Committee on Professional and Member Relations (P&MR) is an eight-member Standing Committee of the ACS Board of Directors. See our roster for current members Ms. Denise Creech is Staff Liaison.

What do we do?

The core mission of P&MR is to advance through Board-level policy recommendations the professional and economic interests and stature of ACS members worldwide. For more details see the P&MR Information document.

P&MR had a Strong Finish for 2015

P&MR Focus Areas -- 2016

  • Adapting to serve chemistry communities and professionals worldwide (alliances, international chemical sciences chapters, International Center, and scientific freedom/human rights) Key Committees: International Activities, Membership Affairs
  • Helping members advance professionally through information and training (ACS Career Navigator) Key Committees: Economic and Professional Affairs, Leadership Advisory Board
  • Continuous enhancement of member-facing IT Key Committees: Divisional Activities, Leadership Advisory Board, Grants and Awards, MAC 
  • Improving diversity & inclusion within ACS and in the chemistry enterprise Key Committees: Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board, Minority Affairs, Women Chemists, Chemists with Disabilities, Technician Affairs, Younger Chemists
  • Increasing Society membership and reviewing and advising on the services that the Society provides to its members.

Under delegated authority, P&MR is responsible for the review and approval of ACS International Alliances and partnerships whether nominal or cooperative, when the Society is a sponsor.  Cooperative alliance requests that exceed the financial commitment level require the additional approval of the Board of Directors.  For more details on how to submit a request, review the cosponsorship guidelines here.

Have questions?

If you have any questions or comments about the work of the Committee on Professional & Member Relations, please feel free to contact the Committee's staff liaison, Denise Creech at 202-872-4414 or via email

ACS International Strategic Alliances

acs committees, technical divisions, local sections, and other acs units may enter into an international strategic alliance to:

  • Generate opportunities for the creation and exchange of scientific and related information;
  • Create and sustain place-based and/or virtual scientific and educational networks;
  • Catalyze advocacy on global challenges where chemistry can provide solutions;
  • Create opportunities for coordinated, increased research funding for chemistry;
  • Further the positive image of chemistry on a global scale.

From select Board and Council Committees. This committee has an ACS membership and member service component.