Committee on Membership Affairs Roster

The members of the 2020 Committee on Membership Affairs are as follows:


  • Dr. Laura Sremaniak
    District II -- North Carolina Local Section


  • David Gottfried
    District IV -- Georgia

Staff Liaison

  • Dr. Steven Meyers, Ph.D.
    Director, ACS Membership


  • Dr. Roger Bartholomew
    District I -- Corning Local Section
  • Dr. Jens Breffke 
    District I -- Northeastern Local Section
  • Alexandra Bruefach
    District -- California Local Section
  • Melissa Cichowicz
    District III -- Philadelphia Local Section
  • Dr. Brian M. Eklov
    District V -- Kalamazoo Local Section
  • Dr. Joan Esson 
    District II -- Columbus Local Section
  • Dr. Thomas Gilbert
    District I -- Northeastern Local Section
  • Manibarsha “Mani” Goswami 
    District I -- Central Massachusetts Local Section
  • Dr. Alison Hyslop
    District I -- New York Local Section
  • Dr. Michael Knapp
    District I -- Connecticut Valley Local Section
  • Dr. Sarah Leibowitz
    District V -- Kansas City Local Section
  • Dr. Leigh Martin
    District II -- East Tennessee Local Section
  • Dr. Justin Russak
    District VI -- California Los Padres Local Section
  • Dr. Anubhav Saxena
    International Chapter: India
  • Dr. Darlene Slattery
    District VI -- Orlando Local Section
  • Dr. Charles Weidner
    District IV -- Southern Arizona Local Section
  • Dr. James Wollack
    District V -- Minnesota Local Section


  • Dr. Ludivina Avila
    District IV -- South Texas Local Section
  • Brian Brady
    District VI -- Southern California Local Section
  • Robert Cohen
    District VI -- Orange County Local Section
  • Dr. John Engelman II
    District -- Northeast Tennessee Local Section
  • Prof. Gregory Foy
    District III -- Southeastern Pennsylvania Local Section
  • Warren Hull
    District I -- Eastern New York  Local Section
  • Sajid Jahangir
    International Chapter: Pakistan
  • Jennifer McCulley
    District III -- South Jersey  Local Section
  • Myrna Otano-Vega
    District IV -- Puerto Rico  Local Section
  • Dr. William Pomerantz
    District V -- Minnesota  Local Section