Report to Council - Fall 2010 - MAC - Students



The Student Member community has continued to grow since creation of that new member category in June 2009. The number of Student Members was 12,815 as of July 31, 2010. The 2010 membership numbers are on track to exceed the 2009 year end total.

To facilitate membership growth and retention, the committee was pleased to announce two new electronic benefits:, a viral membership recruiting site uniquely designed for graduate students, and the membership Renewal Express,, a fast, easy, improved way to pay your dues online.

Beginning in June 2010, the former Admissions Committee’s duties were incorporated into the MAC subcommittee on Recruitment and Admissions. In Boston, MAC approved an updated ACS membership application process.

While the committee continues to publicize the member benefits via multiple media, we still receive feedback that some members are not aware of the value of ACS membership. One of the ways that MAC hopes to address this issue is by directly working with local section and division recipients of Innovative Program Grants that deal with membership recruiting and retention activities.

The Committee formulated input for the ACS Strategic Plan for 2011 and Beyond, goal two, Engaging the Global Community. The sense of the group was that the plan as proposed over emphasizes the Society’s focus on international, meaning outside of the U.S., versus global, meaning inclusive of the U.S. The committee will submit a formal response to the Board Committee on Planning with full recommendations.

After two meetings of testing a new shortened one-day, Sunday meeting format, the consensus of MAC was that the new schedule is a success.