Committee on Minority Affairs

The Committee on Minority Affairs (CMA) aims to lead change in institutional culture within the ACS and the chemical enterprise and achieve full participation and expression of intellectual and creative capacity of underrepresented minorities.

Mission Statement

To increase the number & participation of racially & ethnically underrepresented scientists in the Society and its governance

Vision Statement

ACS membership & governance will be representative of the racial & ethnic diversity in the general US population.

What does the CMA do?

  • Promotes the recognition of the professional accomplishments of minorities
  • Attracts minority students to the profession
  • Identifies minority-friendly educational institutions and businesses
  • Works for the increased participation of minority chemistry professionals in the Society at all levels
  • Provides mentoring to minority students
  • Compiles best practices for recruitment, retention, career development, and evaluation of programs for the advancement of minorities

Find out more about CMA

  • Visit our website, 
  • find out more about CMA projects, programs, and symposia
  • meet accomplished minority chemists featured in our outreach blog
  • find links about ACS Scholars, Project SEED, Chemluminary Awards, diversity recognition awards, CMA local initiatives
  • connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the ACS Network
  • learn how to get involved

Strategic Plan for 2017

ACS invites all chemical scientists and engineers to join us in achieving this vision.

From select Board and Council Committees. These committees all have an ACS membership and member service component.