About the ACS Committee on Project SEED

The ACS Committee on Project SEED sets policy for all Project SEED programs, including review of Project SEED I and II program applications for student research projects, funding decisions, review of Project SEED college scholarship applications, and nominations for ChemLuminary Awards associated with Project SEED.

From the Project SEED Committee Chair, Joshua Pak:

“The mission of Project SEED is to assure that students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds have opportunities to experience the challenges and rewards of chemically related sciences. Project SEED is 40 years old. In that time it has grown into a prominent national program that serves nearly 400 students at over 100 institutions each year! The committee also offers an array of college scholarships for SEED students.

Since its inception, SEED mentors have worked with nearly 9,000 students. From testimony and feedback from scores of these students, the committee and staff know how critically important SEED has been to so many lives and careers.

Building on decades of success, the SEED committee is planning for the future by strengthening SEED programs and ensuring continued growth so that all potential SEED students have these significant opportunities.

We are at an important juncture. The committee has committed to increasing student stipends, exploring other program sites across the country, and increasing the program’s visibility. In recent years, Madeleine Jacobs, Catherine Hunt, and recent ACS presidents have highlighted the program, raising its profile amongst ACS members and the general public alike. It is the committee’s responsibility, working with the development and outreach staffs of the ACS, to make the most of these opportunities. To that end, we welcome you aboard and look forward to your active participation as we move forward!”