The ComSci Subcommittee on Awards prepares nominations for various national-level scientific awards, including the NSF sponsored National Medal of Science and the ACS Fellows Program.

National Medal of Science

The Committee on Science serves as the primary canvassing committee and advisory committee to the ACS Board of Directors on making ACS recommendations for the Presidential National Medal of Science. The National Medal of Science is presented annually by the President of the United States as the nation’s highest honor for scientists and engineers.

Working with other relevant ACS units, the Awards Subcommittee seeks to identify and nominate chemists who have made outstanding contributions to the current state of chemistry-related knowledge. To date, 63 scientists have been awarded the National Medal of Science in chemistry.

ACS Fellows

The Awards Subcommittee also serves to nominate ComSci members and representatives as ACS Fellows. The ACS Fellows Program honors ACS members that have made outstanding contributions to both ACS and to chemical science—including engineering, education and technology.