Public Policy and Communications

The newly created Subcommittee on Public Policy and Communications examines the scientific basis of public policies related to chemistry and makes recommendations to appropriate ACS entities.  This subcommittee will also identify new platforms to better prepare graduates for 21st century careers.

ACS Position Statements

ComSci has led the development of, and voted to favorably recommend to the ACS Board of Directors, a new ACS position statement to strengthen forensic science.  The statment emphasized more consistent and scientifically valid testing, effective training and certification of forensic experts, quality control systems and standards, and setting research priorities.  View this poicy and others at  current ACS policy statements.

Innovation and Job Creation

ComSci advised the ACS Board of Directors during the development of a new position statement on chemistry and a competitive US business climate – which includes policy recommendations on tax, trade, patent, and technology transfer issues to spur innovation and job creation. The new policy statement also calls for fostering the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurship, as well as assisting displaced scientific workers.